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Department Of Chemistry

Department was one of the first few science departments in ABN &PRR COLLEGE OF SCIENCE.
The department steadily grew in strength and stature so as to get the recognition in ANDHRAUNIVERSITY region.

In 1999 the department was started with the most prestigious group M.P.CHEMISTRY, and in the year 2002 another group combination with life sciences microbiology, biochemistry and chemistry was started.

In the year 2004 the department got into expansion mode by introducing two years M.Sc. course in ORGANCI CHEMISTRY with 24 students, now 33 students are present in M.Sc. organic chemistry

In the year 2006 the two year M.Sc. course in ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY is also introduced. In the year 2010 a new course Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer science (M.C.Cs) is introduced.

Objective LaboratoriesTo teach the students practically about various methods in qualitative and quantitative technique in chemistry.
Our aim is to send the students as knowledged persons in all aspects. We impart precious education to the students not only for UG&PG courses but also for research purpose.The chemistry department has different laboratories for UG&PG courses.
Separate analytical balancing rooms are present for UG&PG courses. Each laboratory is fitted with fuming chambers, exhaust fans with first aid kit.U.G Chemistry LaboratoriesThis laboratory is utilized to conduct practicals for B.Sc students in the following topics
Qualitative analysis of mixtures containing two anions and two cat ions and Inorganic preparations Quantitative analysis i.e. Titrimetric analysis and gravimetric analysis
Qualitative analysis of organic compound i.e identification of organic compound through the functional group analysis determination of melting point and preparation of suitable derivatives.
Chromatography Preparation of TLC plates, checking the purity of the compounds by TLC. Separation of ortho & Para aniline mixture by column chromatography
Physical chemistry: chemical kinetics conductometry, potentiometry, pHmetry, colorimetric, distribution law, determination of viscosity and surfacetention of the organic liquids.
Demonstration experiments l~ke steam distillation, micro wave assisted green synthesis etc.

P.G LaboratoriesFor M.Sc chemistry there are four laboratories for both previous and final years ORGANIC AND ANALYTICAL students.
INORGANIC CHEMISTRY LABORATORY – This laboratory is for M.Sc PREVIOUS students
PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LABORATORY – This is also for M.Sc previous students
ORGANIC CHEMISTRY LABORATORY-I – This is for M.Sc previous students
ORGANIC CHEMISTRY LABORATORY-II – This is for M.Sc final organic students
ANALYTICAL CHMISTRY CLASSICAL LABORATORY-II – Both the laboratories for M.Sc analytical final year students

Laboratory Equipment

  • Digital colorimeters
  • Digital pH meters
  • Hot air ovens
  • Refrigerators
  • Viscometers
  • Stalagnometers
  • Electrical balences
  • Micro filtration equipment
  • Melting point apparatous
  • Conductivity meters
  • Flame photometers
  • Steam distillation unit
  • TLC & paper & column chromatography plates

Distilled water plant is provided for all the chemistry laboratories. Apart from the above our laboratories are fully equipped with required “A”grade glass ware and all chemicals required for practicals.
“Professors of various universities were visited our laboratories and were fully satisfied and appreciated for the maintence of chemistry laboratories”.

Name Designation Qualification Specialization NET/SET Experience
Sri. Ch.V.Chalapati Rao Head of the Department M.Sc Organic Chemistry SET-2017 25 Years
Dr. Ramesh.Yellapragada Lecturer M.Sc.PGDCAQM.,Ph.D
Organic Chemistry SET-2013 18 Years
Sri.K.V.V.S.V.Prasad Lecturer M.Sc Organic Chemistry SET-2012 13 Years
Sri.V.Ram Prasad Lecturer M.Sc Organic Chemistry 13 Years
Sri Naseer Khan Mohammad Lecturer M.Sc Analytical Chemistry 11 Years
Sri.Ch.Balaji Lecturer M.Sc Analytical Chemistry 10 Years
Sri.K.Raja Sekhar Lecturer M.Sc Analytical Chemistry SET-2017 12 Years
Sri.T.Govinda Rao Lecturer M.Sc In Organic Chemistry SET-2014 13 Years
Sri.G.Ravi Lecturer M.Sc PhysicalChemistry NET-2013 13 Years