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Department Of English

Nowadays communication skills play a vital role in the modern world and in order to cater to the needs of the students, we established an ultra modern language lab. The lab is exquisitely designed to conduct practicals. The lab is so spacious that it can accommodate nearly 120 students at a time. The lab is equipped with the sophisticated computer systems. We host practical examinations every year not only for our students but also for the students of nearby colleges.
Our lab features various aspects of academic interest to relish the significance of English. It helps them develop the above said skills and make them appear for the competitive examinations and face the interviews in corporate sector. It also helps to bring out confidence and latent abilities in the students. So our lab is a hub for all the aspirants who are zealous for acquiring communication skills.
The staff also contribute the best to keep the students atop and prepare them up to the expectations.

Communication is about more than just exchanging information. It’s about understanding the emotion and intentions behind the information. Effective communication is also a two-way street. It’s not only how you convey a message so that it is received and understood by someone in exactly the way you intended, it’s also how you listen to gain the full meaning of what’s being said and to make the other person feel heard and understood.

More than just the words you use, effective communication combines a set of skills including nonverbal communication, engaged listening, managing stress in the moment, the ability to communicate assertively, and the capacity to recognize and understand your own emotions and those of the person you’re communicating with.

Name Designation Qualification Specialization Experience
Smt.Adaru.Rani Head of the Department MA(Litt.),B.Ed English 20 Years
Sri D.Rama Lingeswara Rao Lecturer MA(Litt.) English 20 Years