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Department of Physics

The department of physics has been started in the year 1999 and is one of the pioneering departments in Andhra University region.We impart precious education to the students not only for for UG courses but also for research purpose. Our aim is to send the student as a knowledged person in all aspects.Our motto is “The true sign of intelligence is not Knowledge but imagination”The department has two separate labs meant for doings practicals of UG Courses. These labs are equipped with sophisticated apparatus. Each physics lab can accommodate 30 students at a time.


SIR C.V.RAMAN LAB(LABORATORY-I)This lab consists of a spacious room meant for doings practicals. It is well equipped with all the necessary and sophisticated instruments like traveling Microscopes, Telescopes, CRO’s, Electrical and Electronic instruments, A.C milli-voltmeters, Potentiometers etc.

EINSTEEN’S LAB(LABORATORY-II)It is also a spacious dark room meant for doing practicals based on optics using Sodium and Mercury vapour lamps. It has been provided with equipment like Spectrometers, Gratings, Prisms and Polarimeters etc.

The department is mainly intended for teaching physics, conducting practicals. The department has strived hard since its inception in upgrading the standards of teaching physics.
Faculty Members

Name Designation Qualification Specialization Experience
Sri. A.Srinivas Head of the Department M.Sc(Tech.),M.Ed Geo-Physics 19 Years
Sri.B.Gokul Kumar Lecturer M.Sc Electronics 10 Years
B.Satya Narayana Lecturer M.Sc,B.Ed Pure Physics 06 Years
Sri.K.R.K.Pavan Kumar Lecturer M.Sc,B.Ed Pure Physics 14 Years